Mitrovica Innovations 2016 – Unlocking Youth Potential is an interactive conference which aims to inspire young people to think critically about and prepare for their futures in regards to employment. Bringing together experts in business education and the private sector, young people will have the chance to learn from experiences, ask direct questions, and explore opportunities with both their peers and superiors to help them prepare for their future successful careers. The event brings together regional and international experts, stakeholders and partners from diverse areas including the private and public sectors, academia and education. The Mitrovica Innovations conference intends to provide a platform for innovative thinking and for generating a strong impulse for local and regional networking and for future-oriented career making.

The 2016 conference will explore:

  • Practical teaching models that bring education and the world of work together;
  • Learning exchanges through story-telling about real world experiences particularly in the private, entrepreneurial sector;
  • Tips, tools, and inspiration to plan a future and career path