Hosted by the International Business College Mitrovice (IBCM) 


DATE: Wednesday, 8 June, 2016

TIME: 12:45-16:30
VENUE: Cultural Center, “Mbretresha Teuta” Street, Mitrovica, Kosovo

TOPIC:  This conference will explore what the education and business sector can do with youth in order for them to see more opportunities than challenges for their future.

Specifically we will explore:

  • Practical teaching models that bring education and the world of work together;
  • Learning exchanges through story-telling about real world experiences, particularly in the private, entrepreneurial sector;
  • Tips, tools, and inspiration to plan a future and career path

Registration (12:45 – 13:00)

Opening (13:00 – 13:15):

  • Charlene Miller, Director of IBCM
  • Arbenita Zeneli, IBCM Head of Student Representative Council, Moderator

Panel Session (13:15 – 14:45)

TOPIC: Youth as an opportunity!  What is the role of youth in helping businesses overcome bottlenecks in private sector growth?

  • Moderator: Ms. Arbenita Zeneli
  • Panelists:
    • Thomas Jensen, Associate Professor at the Lillebaelt Academy for Higher Education, Denmark
    • Milan Todorovic, Professional Consultant for Organisations with Performance Potential
    • Arion Rizaj, Co-founder and Manager, KosovaJob
    • Venhar Tmava, Founder of Global Work and Training Agency
    • Alban Kastrati, Public Relations Expert, IPKO Telecomm. LLC

Networking and Activity Corners (14:45 – 15:15):

  • Career Corner, Business Exhibition, and Refreshments

Parallel Campfire Sessions (15:15 – 16:00)

Three parallel sessions where participants share experiences on what they think are the keys to real world success. Share stories about:

  • Your most significant moment of your career and what you learned from it
  • How you learned to innovate and “think outside the box”
  • How youth can play a role in helping businesses grow
  • Advice that can inspire and motivate youth in Mitrovica / the Balkans towards innovation

Conclusion (16:00-16:30):

  • Conclusions and highlights from Campfire Sessions
  • Ending notes by the Moderator


Within the month of June, IBCM will produce and share a publication with the highlights of best advice, tools, and tips specific for youth in the region to help them develop their career path.